Extension Cable for Hand Held Units

Extension Cable for Hand Held Units
5 metre extension cable for Hand Held Unit,together with correct coupling block.Suitable for all models.£10.75+£3.20post  + Pack £13.95
Our Price£13.95
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These 5 metre extension cables will give you freedom to control both speed and direction change from the furthest point of your layout,the special connector block supplied with the cable ensures there is no voltage drop over the full length.
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VANGUARD 2.5A '0' gauge twin track controller.

The Vanguard 2.5 Zero One is a twin track delivering a full 2.5 Amps of power to each track dedicated '0' gauge + controller or for a large '00' layout  needing extra power also a model that is suitable for Hornby 3rail (order 3 rail by telephone and state 3 rail).            (see details for full spec) 


Free 2 x 5mtr hand held remote units.             

Twin tracks each track having 2.5amps of available power, together with the convenience of two hand held controllers.  LSP fitted (loco stall protection).

If 20V DC required please telephone order 01704 533116.

As used by North Yorkshire Moors Railway.               PRICE BELOW INCLUDES POSTAGE    Full price £133.00 plus £6.90 P&P Total £139.90


Our Price: £139.90

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Hand Held Units 5mtr leads.EXHIBITION TYPE
Hand Held unit with 5mtr lead.This unit has a STOP at Zero,ideal when your eyes have to be on the layout and adjustment of speed and direction is required.£18.95 includes post. This item is compatible with all Morley manufactured controllers Our Price: £18.95

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